396 patients have died since yesterday, 12,400 new coronavirus cases confirmed in 24 hours

Coronavirus: 396 Patients Have Died Since Yesterday, 12,400 New Cases Confirmed in 24 Hours

EPIDEMIC: Update this Friday related to the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic in France 12,459 new cases of coronavirus were detected in France in 24 hours (10,920 cases confirmed by RT-PCR and 1,539 cases confirmed by antigen test), according to the latest report from Public Health France.  Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, 51,914 deaths have […]

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Pôle Emploi announce a reduction of job seekers in France

Pôle Emploi: The Drop in the Number of Unemployed is Confirmed in the 4th Auarter of 2019

UNEMPLOYMENT: The number of job seekers in category A fall by 1.7% (–55,700) at the end of 2019 according to the Pôle Emploi The decline continues for unemployment. According to Dares figures published on Monday, the number of people registered with Pôle Emploi and required to look for a job (categories A, B, C) stood at 5.44 million people in […]

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The unemployment rate fell by 0.2 point in the second quarter to 8.5% of the labor force in France (excluding Mayotte), continuing its downward trend.

Unemployment Rate Continues its Slow Decline

At 8.5% in the second quarter, the unemployment rate returned to a level in early 2009. It is down 0.6 points in one year. The unemployment rate continued its slow decline in the second quarter to 8.5 %, according to INSEE figures released Wednesday 14th August 2019, despite a modest growth. Since mid-2015, the unemployment rate has continued to […]

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The unemployment rate in the first quarter down 0.1 point to 8.7% on May 16, 2019.

Unemployment Rate at its Lowest Level Since 2009

Unemployment fell in the first quarter to 8.7% of the labour force, according to preliminary figures from INSEE published Thursday 16th May, 2019. The unemployment rate is down 0.1 point to 8.7% of the workforce in France (excluding Mayotte) in the fourth quarter of 2018, its lowest level since early 2009 , according to provisional figures from INSEE published Thursday, […]

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Towns affected by poverty in the Pays de la Loire

Châteaubriant, Sablé … Here are the Average Towns Affected by Poverty in the Region

INSEE has studied the living conditions of the inhabitants of 22 medium-sized towns in the Pays de la Loire region. The situation is very contrasted. Is the Pays de la Loire region spared by poverty? This is the overall result of a study published by the National Institute of Statistics and European Studies (INSEE) this Thursday 11th April, 2019. […]

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Unemployment remains stable in France at 9.1 percent

Unemployment Rate Remains Stable in the Third Trimester at 9.1%

EMPLOYMENT: Over one year, the unemployment rate measured by INSEE is down 0.5 points and returns to its level in early 2011  The figure is stable. France had 2.73 million unemployed in the third quarter of 2018, according to provisional data published by INSEE on Tuesday. The unemployment rate thus remains constant at 9.1% of the active population in […]

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Unemployment in France fell by 0.1 percent to 9.1 percent across France

The Unemployment Rate Fell by 0.1 points to 9.1% in the Whole of France

The rate of unemployment in the second quarter (-0.1 points), to reach 9.1% in France, according to provisional figures published by INSEE on Tuesday. The unemployment rate calculated according to the standards of the International Labor Office fell to 0.3% in the United States to 8.7% of the active population, a decline which was mainly manifested […]

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Mortality rates of children in France is stable

Stable Infant Mortality in France after Decades of Decline

Infant mortality has been stable in France for about ten years, after having fallen sharply throughout the twentieth century. With 3.7 deaths of children under one year per 1000 live births, infant mortality has been stable in France for a decade , after falling sharply throughout the twentieth century, according to a study by ‘INSEE published Monday 25 June 2018. […]

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Unemployment rate in France should stabalise by mid 2018

The Unemployment Rate should Stabilise at 8.9% by mid-2018, according to INSEE

The unemployment rate should stabilise, according to forecasts published Tuesday by INSEE, which sees the indicator remain at 8.9% of the workforce in France After the sharp drop at the end of 2017, the unemployment rate should stabilize , according to forecasts published Tuesday by INSEE, which sees the indicator remain at 8.9% of the workforce in France (excluding […]

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The population of France is 66.1 million inhabitants

Population: 66.1 Million Inhabitants in France

Over 66 million people were living in France and in four departments overseas to January 1, 2015, according to figures released Wednesday by the INSEE. La France , excluding Mayotte, had 66,190,280 inhabitants early 2015 , according to INSEE. These figures of “legal people” are up 283 294 inhabitants compared to the data as at 1 January 2014 and […]

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