Toulouse: 2,500 people to the cathedral to “manifest the unity of the nation”

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2500 people attend mass in Toulouse
2500 people attend mass in Toulouse
The Saint-Etienne cathedral in Toulouse at the Mass for Peace November 16, 2015, three days after the attacks in Paris. The altarpiece took the blue-white-red colors of the French flag. – N. Stival

ATTACKS IN PARIS Three days after the attacks of Paris, a large mass was held on Monday evening at the Saint-Etienne cathedral in Toulouse. Representatives of Muslim worship, Jewish, Protestant and Orthodox were present …

Even adding chairs, many people stayed up for almost half past one. Nearly 2,500 people attended on Monday in St. Etienne Cathedral in Toulouse to a “national mourning Mass and prayer for peace”, presided by the Archbishop, Mgr Robert LeGall.

“We express the unity of the Nation”

“Tonight, we need to warm our hearts together, launched the Catholic prelate in the presence of representatives of Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox and Protestant, three days after the attacks in Paris. As this afternoon with Congress meeting in Versailles, we manifest the unity of the nation address the indiscriminate barbarity.

Archbishop Le Gall

Archbishop Le Gall noted the signing of a charter of fraternity between the various religions on March 19, 2015 in Toulouse, three years after the killings committed by Mohamed Merah in the capital of the Haute-Garonne and Montauban.

The altarpiece of the cathedral with blue-white-red

“It is not often that the colors of the French flag illuminate the altar of the cathedral, there was also observed. It is unusual and full of meaning. “Early in the ceremony, the Archbishop gave the” dear Abdellatif “and” dear Nicole “at Abdellatif Mellouki and Nicole Yardeni, respectively secretary general of the Union of Muslims of France (UMF) and President of the Representative Council of the institutions Jews of France (CRIF) in the Midi-Pyrénées region.

representatives from different faiths present at mass

“These barbarians wanted to divide us, noted Abdellatif Mellouki (foreground in the photo), in an allusion to the jihadists in Paris and Saint-Denis. But by staying united, French citizens will be stronger than ever. “

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