Horror in Paris. Carnarge at Bataclan: a Hundred Dead

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100 people are reported dead at the Bataclan centre in Paris
100 people are reported dead at the Bataclan centre in Paris
it is estimated that there has been 100 people killed at the Bataclan in Paris

According to the first assessment of the security forces who were able to enter the Bataclan after the assault, there is estimated to be a hundred deaths in the concert hall.

It is a carnage at the Bataclan Concert Hall in Paris.  A hundred deaths are being reported after the hostage taking which took place on Friday night in the room of the Bataclan in Paris.  The three suspected terrorists were killed during the assault led by the police.  A source close to the investigation noted that after the assault just ended, it was time for the impossible to establish and identify the victims, estimated to be around 100 people.

According to a witness in the room, the attackers shot shouting Allah Akbar.

Julian Pierce, a journalist for Europe1 who was present at the Bataclan has reported that it was marked by the coldness with which the assailants shot and reloaded their weapons.

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