Attacks in Paris: A call for a Solidarity Rally in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire Saturday

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A call for solidarity this saturday in Nantes
A call for solidarity this saturday in Nantes
A call for solidarity this Saturday, in memory of the victims of the attacks in Paris

Several associations, unions and political parties call a citizen to participate in Saturday rally, at 16h, in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire …

Six days after the Paris attacks, a group bringing together several unions, associations and political parties called for all to participate in civic marches on “Solidarity to act for a fairer world” on Saturday afternoon in Nantes and Saint Nazaire.

The time proposed is 4pm, with the place to meet in Nantes at the Parc des Chantiers, facing Nefs de l’île de Nantes, and in Saint-Nazaire at Same time at the  place des Droits de l’homme.

“Building a more just world”

“We affirm our solidarity, our sympathy with the victims and their families and share in their suffering,” announced the organizers. “Terrorism is summed neither man nor a group, they explain. It is widespread and growing field of inequality, injustice, violence that exist on our planet. The fight against terrorism will not be won by arms, but by building a new world more just, more egalitarian and more respectful of people. ”

Among the organizers, the CGT unions found, CFDT, FSU, Solidaires, UNSA, associations League of Human Rights, MRAP, Gasprom, Francas, or APF, political parties left Together!, EELV, NPA, Party Left, PCF, or PS.

Meditation Friday night at the water mirror

The mayor of Nantes has also organized on Friday evening from 9pm, a moment of reflection and homage at the site of the water mirror, facing the chateau of the Dukes of Brittany, which will be illuminated in the colours of France.

Those who wish are invited to “come make a candle,” said the town hall.

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