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Wine: The Loire and Poitou-Charentes Top Consumer in France

Wine consumption is highest in Loire and Poitou-Charentes in France
Tasting a glass of wine. (Archives) – G. Varela

Most litres consumed annually per capita …

According to a study by Bonial, the top wine consumers (all typesof wine) are the inhabitants of the Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charentes.  With 21,60 Litres per person per year, they are ahead of the people of Brittany and the Northwest, which consumes 19,20 litres and Central West at 17,52 litres. Last in the ranking include the Paris region which consumed on average just 10,24 litres of wine per person.

But overall volume, this last was third (122 880 000 L), behind the Central East (136,930,000 L) and North West (132,660,000 L). In total, nearly 1 billion (972 million) liters of wine were sold in 2014, 53% red (515 million liters), 17% white (165 ML) and 30% of rose (292 ML ).

Ranking litres per inhabitants.

  • 1. West: 21,60 Litres
  • 2. North West: 19,20 Litres
  • 3. Central West: 17,52 Litres
  • 4. Southwest: 16,28 Litres
  • 5. North: 15,15 Litres
  • 6. Southeast: 15,05 Litres
  • 7. Centre: 14,78 Litres
  • 8.East: 13,7 Litres
  • 9. Paris region: 10,24 Litres


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