The Snapchat application now helps you choose wine and food

Snapchat: A New Feature to Help you Choose your Wine and Food More Easily

APPLICATION: The app, Snapchat has teamed up with Yuka and Vivino to enable its users to get food and wine information by scanning them Snapchat announced Thursday that it has added features to its app that provide “new ways to eat and consume using the camera.” The social network has teamed up with Yuka and Vivino, tools that respectively obtain information on […]

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Red wine, white wine: what if we reversed the roles?

Red Wine, White Wine: What if we Reversed the Roles?

Red wine with fish and white wine with cheese … It is possible to shake the habits at the table, provided you follow a few rules. It is traditional to serve white wine with fish and red wine with cheese . Role reversal is possible. But it’s about having some notions in mind not to do anything. Fish and fresh wines If the alliance between […]

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How to buy wine, at the time of promotions

Wine Fairs: How to Buy Without Being Wrong?

From September to mid-October, there is room for wine fairs. Large retailers and wine merchants offer a choice so vast that it is difficult to navigate. How not to be wrong? It’s the return of the wines! A real phenomenon that the French love. Proof of this is the 400 million total turnover achieved last year on the occasion of the […]

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Many stands and activities await you this weekend in Saint Malo for the wine and gastronomy fair

Saint-Malo: A Wine and Gastronomy Fair this Weekend

For three days, the Saint-Malo Wharf hosts the 22nd edition of the Wine and Gastronomy fair The 22nd edition of Wine and Gastronomy fair is at St. Malo from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th January, 2018. Posing as the “crossroads of the typical products of each region”, the show offers again the general public to meet artisans, manufacturers, […]

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The severe weather is to affect the French Wine production

The weather is Going to Affect the French wine Production

PRODUCTION: Even more severe declines in wine production are expected in Champagne, Burgundy or in the Charentes … Hard hit by frost, hail and drought, the French production of wine looks down 10% this year. According to preliminary forecasts of the Ministry of Agriculture, even more severe declines are expected in Champagne, Burgundy or in the Charentes. The […]

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150 exhibitors are expected at the weekend wine fair in Vannes

Vannes: 150 Specialists at Wine and Gastronomy Weekend

The 24th wine and gastronomy weekend, gathers 150 exhibitors from all over France, from Saturday to Monday, at the Exhibition Centre in Vannes. 150 exhibitors are expected, from Saturday to Monday, at the Chorus Exhibition Centre in Vannes, at the 24th exhibition of wines and gastronomy. Outstanding Connoisseur Attending Note the presence of an outstanding connoisseur […]

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Wine consumption is highest in Loire and Poitou-Charentes in France

Wine: The Loire and Poitou-Charentes Top Consumer in France

Most litres consumed annually per capita … According to a study by Bonial, the top wine consumers (all typesof wine) are the inhabitants of the Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charentes.  With 21,60 Litres per person per year, they are ahead of the people of Brittany and the Northwest, which consumes 19,20 litres and Central West at 17,52 […]

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Wine production down in France, but the quality is up

Wine: French Production Down but Quality Good

HARVEST production should reach 46 million hectoliters, a million less than last year … After a very dry summer, the Department of Agriculture will unveil this week its wine production estimates for 2015, whilst industry professionals are already predicting a slightly lower yield, but a good vintage. The statistical department Agreste publishes its forecast tomorrow, […]

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Wine Sales on the Internet: a "crucial channel" and Great Potential

Wine Sales on the Internet: a “crucial channel” and Great Potential

Selling wine online has become a “crucial channel” for distribution … Selling wine online has become a “crucial channel” for the distribution of wine and even if purchases are made mainly in wine shops or in-store, the internet has a high growth potential, say the authors of a study published yesterday, Monday in Bordeaux. According to the […]

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