Nantes: Great Rubbish Collection Operation on the Périphérique

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Waste collection around Nantes
Waste collection around Nantes
Waste at the roadside, Rezé junction- J.Urbach

Sixty volunteers have already responded to participate in this civic gathering on Saturday morning …

They are preparing to find all kinds of packaging, empty cigarette packets, cans, but also diapers, used syringes, urine-filled bottles or tires and appliances … About sixty volunteers are expected on Saturday from 9 am to noon, for an unusual operation on the Périphérique around Nantes. Equipped with yellow vests and gloves, they will participate in the first civic waste collection on the roadsides.

Awareness campaign

These volunteers spread over two locations (around the exits of Rezé and the Erdre-Gesvres sector).  “Every year, our agents collect nearly 500 kg of garbage for every one kilometre,  explains the West Road Directorate, which controls the operation with two associations.  The bins at the emergency call boxes are emptied every week.  But roadsides, themselves, are cleaned twice a year … ”

The operation, also aims to raise awareness on the adverse effects of the presence of this debris (beyond visual pollution), especially when they are plastic. “They are those who put the most time to disappear, says Laurent Authier, president of the association PP Plastic Pickup.  At the edge of the road, they represent a real danger for birds and animals.  Once more people get to know this, we say that it is not to throw their waste everywhere, but it is also possible to pick up those of others.  The rubbish that is collected will be evaluated, will then be sorted and recycled.


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