In Nantes, the driver was tested positive for amphetamines and alcohol after running the lights.

Nantes: He Runs through a Red Light at 90 km/h Then Hits a Policeman

In Nantes, the driver was tested positive for amphetamines and alcohol after running the lights. The facts occurred this Sunday morning, shortly after 8am, in Nantes, said the police. On patrol in the Chaffault district, police saw a vehicle with four people on board, who had just ran through a red light while travelling at about […]

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With 800 offenses a day, the use of the phone while driving is always more dangerous

With 800 Offences a Day, the Use of the Phone While Driving is Always More Dangerous

In 15 years, road behaviour has changed. Less alcohol and excessive speeding but more “small” risky behaviour, especially with smartphones. On Wednesday 19th June, 2019, AXA Prévention unveiled the results of its 15th barometer focused on the behaviour of French on the roads *. A barometer created in 2004 and which highlighted, 15 years later, significant changes, especially with the telephone. High speed and […]

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20 drivers had their Licences suspended for Speeding, excess alcohol and drugs in the Mayenne department

Alcohol, Drugs, Speeding: 20 Driving Licences Withdrawn in Mayenne

Between 19th and 25th April 2016, the police have suspended twenty driving licenses in Mayenne Of the twenty offences, which resulted in the immediate withdrawal of driving licenses between the 19th and 25th April, 13 violations were for driving under the influence of alcohol. Police and Gendarmes also suspended two drivers for excessive speeding and suspended five […]

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Lea Salame arrested in paris for driving without a Valid licence and insurance

Lea Salame Arrested in Paris for Driving without a License and Iinsurance

The journalist was detained in the seventh arrondissement … Lea Salame arrested this Monday afternoon in her car during a routine traffic stop in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, reports Le Parisien Wednesday. Police reportedly discovered that the car of the journalist and columnist for France 2 was not insured, but also that her driving […]

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Road safety in Mayenne

Road safety in Mayenne. 14 Licence Suspensions in One Week

Between Tuesday 18 and Monday, August 24, 14 driving licences were suspended in Mayenne. This figure comes as many accidents occurred on roads. The prefecture confirmed that between Tuesday 18th  and Monday 24th August, 14 drivers have had their driving licences suspended.  Nine of them were for a period of six months (five due to drinking […]

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Young man caught speeding at 174 km/h

No Driving License, under the influence of drugs, and travelling at 174 km/h

The young driver was arrested Wednesday morning on the Rennes / Nantes … Despite calls for caution, reckless drivers continue to plague the roads of Brittany.  On Wednesday morning around 9:20, a young 20 year old driver from Rennes, was recorded at a speed of 174 km/ h on the dual carriageway between Rennes and […]

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