No Driving License, under the influence of drugs, and travelling at 174 km/h

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Young man caught speeding at 174 km/h
Young man caught speeding at 174 km/h
A policeman conducts a speed control here between Rennes and Nantes. – C. Allain / APEI

The young driver was arrested Wednesday morning on the Rennes / Nantes …

Despite calls for caution, reckless drivers continue to plague the roads of Brittany.  On Wednesday morning around 9:20, a young 20 year old driver from Rennes, was recorded at a speed of 174 km/ h on the dual carriageway between Rennes and Nantes at Bain-de-Bretagne, instead of 110 km/h allowed on this section of the dual carriageway.

To make matters worse in his case, the young man had no driving license and was also tested positive to drugs, reported Ouest-France.   The driver will appear before the criminal court of Rennes in October.

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