Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were in France for the End of Year

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Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle were in France for the New Year

NEW YEARS EVE: They travelled in economy class …

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry celebrated the passage in 2018 France , specifically in the Southeast. And as stated in the Daily Mail , this is economy class the couple have traveled! Yes, no private jet or business class for future spouses, but the last row of a British Airways airliner next to the toilet, as stated in the publication.

Nevertheless, princely status requires, they are not boarded the plane like everyone else.

A specific procedure

It is in fact 20 minutes before everyone else that they have embarked, to avoid being seen and recognized and rows around them were booked. So, they are not sitting next to the common man. This free space around them was still not empty since they were accompanied by their bodyguards.

And once they arrived in Nice, the couple was greeted by French police who was responsible for their security during their stay in the territory. vacationers almost like the others …

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