Nicolas Sarkozy wants to strengthen the “Franco-German leadership”

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Nicolas Sarkozy commenting on the Greek crisis
Nicolas Sarkozy commenting on the Greek crisis
Nicolas Sarkozy speaking in Nice on July 19, 2015. – VALERY HACHE / AFP

CURRENCY: “Now it is not the Greek question but the question of the euro zone itself,” said Nice former head of state …

Nicolas Sarkozy earler today, Sunday in Nice defended the idea of a “Franco-German leadership at the head of the Eurogroup,” after the Greek crisis, the same day that Francois Hollande outlines a new governance of the eurozone.  The Former President of the Republic welcomed the passage of an agreement “as low as it is” on the issue.

“Now is not the Greek question but the question of the euro zone itself,” he said, estimating that for its “sustainability”, it was necessary to “bring our economies, with a Franco-German leadership at the head of the Eurogroup (the finance ministers of the euro area). It is for Europeans to deal with the problems of Europe , not the IMF or the Americans. “

The Greek crisis and immigration …

Asked about the proposal of François Hollande of a Parliament of the eurozone, the President of the party Republicans responded, “Frankly, I do not think we need a parliament; we need to coordinate economic policies to be much stronger, we need a French economic policy that does not conflict with the economic policy of all other countries in the euro zone; in fact there is less need for speech acts.”

Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking at the launch of the promotional caravan of Young Republicans rally at the Côte d’Azur in Le Touquet, also welcomed the agreement reached with Greece, ” as low as it is”. “Unlike some of my friends, I was in favor of this agreement.  It should not be the worst policy. I think the opposition is growing in being responsible. If there were no agreement, France and Europe fell into the unknown, “said the president of the Republicans, in a speech to dozens of party activists, under a blazing sun .

He also called for a “common immigration policy”: “Europe is too small, the existing Schengen agreement must disappear to be replaced by a Schengen 2,” he said, without specifying his thoughts on the matter.

Holland (again) accused of lying

The former head of the state also lampooned the president Francois Hollande during the Greek crisis, denouncing his “appeasement to Mr. Tsipras” and his “weakness with the IMF.” “Mr Tsipras and Hollande have something in common, one has lied to the Greeks, and the other in French, “he began, very applauded.

By late afternoon, he was due to fly in the company of Eric Ciotti, president of the Alpes-Maritimes department, for a two-day visit to Tunisia during which it must in particular meet the President of the Tunisian Republic lunch with the Minister of Interior and meditate in the Bardo Museum, theater this winter of a bloody attack.

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