France will experiment from 2020 on a “digital euro” to respond to Facebook's Libra

Cryptocurrency: France will Experiment from 2020 on a “Digital Euro” to respond to Facebook’s Libra

CRYPTOCURRENCY: This initiative by the French central bank, for a “digital euro”, is a first in the eurozone An “e-euro” to counter Facebook’s Libra. This is the ambition of the Banque de France, which will launch experiments next year to develop a “central bank digital currency” (MDBC). It will be dedicated to “wholesale” transactions, that is to say very […]

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France will have to tighten its belt with more austerity measures

For the Court of Auditors, France will have to tighten (seriously) the belt

AUSTERITY: The next government will carry out “efforts of unprecedented magnitude on spending,” says the Court of Auditors … If one believes the Court of Auditors, the Executive neighbor will no longer be content with curb rising public spending: it will have to stop it completely and even make clean cuts. In any case the claims […]

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Inflation in the Eurozone has increased in December

Eurozone: Inflation Takes off in December

Economic: The recovery in energy prices contributed to the increase in inflation in the euro zone in December 2016. Good news for the ECB according to experts. Inflation in the euro area continued to accelerate in December to 1.1%, against 0.6% in November, driven by a rise in energy prices, according to preliminary estimates released […]

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Nicolas Sarkozy commenting on the Greek crisis

Nicolas Sarkozy wants to strengthen the “Franco-German leadership”

CURRENCY: “Now it is not the Greek question but the question of the euro zone itself,” said Nice former head of state … Nicolas Sarkozy earler today, Sunday in Nice defended the idea of a “Franco-German leadership at the head of the Eurogroup,” after the Greek crisis, the same day that Francois Hollande outlines a new […]

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ECB has raised its 2015 inflation forecast

ECB raised its 2015 inflation forecast

The European Central Bank (ECB) was more optimistic … The European Central Bank (ECB) was more optimistic about its inflation forecast for 2015 in the euro zone but has slightly lowered the growth for 2017,  announced by the banks president yesterday, Wednesday. The monetary institution has slightly lowered its forecast for growth in gross domestic […]

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