Nantes: Free parking in the yellow zone until 15 August

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Free parking in Nantes till August 15
Free parking in Nantes till August  15
Park your car on the street for free until 15 August 2015,

Park your vehicle in yellow area is free during the summer in Nantes …

This is one of the favorite measures of Nantes motorists. Like last year, the yellow area is free parking in the heart of the summer tourist period. The measure, implemented by the city of Nantes, concretely extends from 14 July to 15 August inclusive.

Extending the yellow area in a month

A good way to appease disgruntled after the extension of the red zone neighborhoods Madeleine-Champs de Mars and Joffre since June 1, and before the planned enlargement of the yellow area on August 15. One hundred additional streets (Hauts-paved areas / Saint-Félix in Malakoff / Saint-Donatien and Ile de Nantes) will then become paid and limited to three hours parking
A way to make life easier for Nantais not going on holiday before and, in addition, deal with the inevitable summer jobs.

Be careful, the red zone, it remains all summer and pay limited to two hours of parking.

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