The Championship of France Camel Races in Pornichet

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Camel races coming to Pornichet
Camel races coming to Pornichet
Pornichet Racecourse, which will host the first round of the championship of France. – Dromas Association

Pornichet Racecourse will host on July 24th the first round of the championship of France. Eight camels are scheduled to race …

Pornichet Racecourse will host a rather unusual sporting event on 24th July.  Instead of the usual horses, this time camels will be competing in a race, announced the company of the event, Worldsports Events.  It will be in fact the first serious test of the championship of France camel races.  The second round is planned for Aix-les-Bains on 2 August.

This July 24th in Pornichet, eight camels, five males and three females, will be on the start line for two races of 1000 meters.

They can run up to 70 km / h

“It’s a very pleasant sight to watch, very surprising.  One does not realize that camels can run at a speed of between 30 km/h to 70 km/h.  Participants in the championship of France are sit up high on top of the camels and are ridden by specialist jockeys as they perform differently to horses.  In the Persian Gulf, including Kuwait, it is an extremely popular sport.  There there sprints and endurance, “says Jacques Behar, president of the organiser Worldsports Events.


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