Pollution: Pays de la Loire can predict air quality 24 hours in advance

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Air Pollution can now be predicted 24 hours in advance

Air Pollution can now be predicted 24 hours in advanceENVIRONMENT: In recent weeks, the association which measures the air quality modelling predictions for the day, can also predict the next day. Useful to protect ourselves from pollution …

Change is in the air.  While looking at the weather in the evening we have never been exactly sure what we will see the next day, and thus not be able to take any precautions against possible air pollution.

In recent weeks, Air Pays de la Loire, the association responsible for measuring and monitoring the air quality in the region is undergoing a revolution:  through advanced computer modelling, it now not only has the ability to issue forecasts for the day, but also for the one that follows.

Result:  If it is detected that air quality is going to be poor and if fine particles are going to present in the air, the most sensitive users are no longer going to have to suffer without warning as they can quickly adapt their behaviour (avoid strenuous activities, do not travel on the main roads …)  to preserve their health.  To be notified by email, simply register for free on the website of AirPL .

Important steps during pollution episodes

Air Pollution Measuring Equipment in action

“Previously, our warnings were based on measurements taken in real time in the 31 sites in the region, says François Ducroz, Head of study of air quality. Sometimes they were too late, especially when the episode lasted only one day. ”

Pollution:  fine particles can cause most dangers

These forecasts will therefore also help the authorities to initiate further action at the most important pollution peaks, (called warning threshold, the second level of pollution after the recommendation threshold and information), which occur in the Pays de la Loire only a few days a year, such as on the 20th March. Johanna Rolland, President of Nantes metropolis, announced that this could give us something to think about for “more incentive pricing for transport.”

An unpolluted air in Pays de la Loire

Since the beginning of the year, 10 days of pollution have been identified in the region (only one warning threshold), the very beginning of January in particular because of household heating by wood fires or more recently in March, for reasons related more to agricultural activity. Seven days were totalled in 2014.

Compared to other regions in France, it is measured in second place to Rhône-Alpes and Alsace.  “The air quality in the Pays de la Loire is considered pretty good,” comments a spokesman for  AirPL. 

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