Nantes : Gunman Leaves With Just Two Scratch Cards

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Robber escapes with just a Scratch Card

Robber escapes with just a Scratch Card

After the tobacconist sprayed tear gas, the thief walked away with a meagre booty …

Hopefully, the thief will have at least pulled the winning ticket … The other afternoon, a gunman appeared in a Tabac-Presse shop on the boulevard Allende in Saint-Herblain near Nantes, but the robbery was cut short, as reports France 3 Pays de la Loire .

Damage 20 euros

While an accomplice kept watch outside, the individual, whose face was hidden by a scarf and a hood, burst into the shop and asked the tobacconist to give him the cash, threatening him with a handgun.  The quick thinking owner of the Tabac, was able to get to a tear gas spray, and  aimed it at the gunman.

After being sprayed, the gunman panicked and fled with just a carton of cigarette tubes… and two scratch cards… A paltry booty… amounting to around 20 Euro.


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