French Prefer Cash

French prefer to pay in cash

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To pay, the French prefer cash

French prefer to pay in cash

Despite the development and widespread acceptance in the shops of contactless payment, supposed to revolutionize the way of payment, cash remains one of the preferred transaction methods of the French, according to an Ifop poll for the CIT company Brink’s published at the weekend.

93 % of those who took part in the survey said that cash is an easy payment method to use, and 86% do not want it to disappear in favour of other payment methods, this study reveals.

It also shows that 91% of them prefer cash to any other means of payment for small purchases of everyday use.

Less fear of fraudulent transactions

Finally, for 7 out of 10 French, cash is seen as a safe payment method and difficult to falsify, according to this study, which shows that only 16% of respondents associate cash with fraudulent transactions.

Brink’s who has commissioned the survey, show that while the electronic contactless payment method continues to progress, in France the progress towards full acceptance will be at a slower pace.

The survey was conducted online from March 4 to 9 with a sample of 1,050 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, by the quota method.

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