Electronic Cigarettes : French against their use at work

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The majority of French are against electronic cigarettes at work

SURVEY : They are also very skeptical about the effects of electronic cigarettes on their tobacco addiction …

The majority of French are against  electronic cigarettes at work
A man smoking an electronic cigarette at work – Kenzo Tribouillard AFP

Six in ten French, support the ban on electronic cigarettes at work, which is one of the measures to fight against smoking included in the draft health law currently being discussed in the National Assembly.

According to a survey by Odoxa for FTI Consulting, Les Echos and Radio Classique and published on earler today, Tuesday, 61% of those asked were either “very” or “somewhat favorable” to the prohibition of electronic cigarettes in the workplace . Only 38% of respondents are happy with their use at work.

Banned in “enclosed workplaces and enclosed public areas”

This is encouraging results for the government, as while the electric cigarette is quite popular in France (it is estimated to be 1.5 million regular users in France and 3 million casual users) it should soon be banned in public places as the deputies in the National Assembly are trying to get an amendment into the health bill being discussed that will  ban their use within ‘enclosed workplaces and enclosed areas for public use’.

Also note that the French are very sceptical about the effect of electronic cigarettes being effective as an alternative to a packet of cigarettes, with 73% of those questioned believe that they are not effective in the fight against smoking.

The study was conducted online April 9 and 10 from a representative sample of 1,007 people (quota method).

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