Scallops sent to China – Just for a Clean !

Scallops sent to China - Just for a Clean ! 1
ScallopsI found this hard to believe at first, but apparently there is a company in Western France that when they collect  the scallops farmed from the sea, they are shipped off the China to be cleaned and then returned back to France for sale.  This ridiculous situation is done because it works out cheaper than doing the work locally.
Scallops which are used in ready-made meals by the company Celtigel, are farmed in Saint-Quay-Portrieux in the north-western department of Brittany.
Then after leaving the Celtarmor shucking factory, a local business and a work centre for disabled people take over the cleaning of some of the scallops, but millions of them are shipped all the way to China for the same cleaning procedure and are then transported back to France for further processing, cooking and packaging.
This is the sort of madness, that should not be allowed, regardless of whether it works out cheaper, because not only have you the enviromental issues that this involves, but the same job could be done locally, as some of them presently are doing this exact job, even if the cost is slightly higher, asthis would give a welcome boost to the job market in Brittany.


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