Twitter announces the deactivation of inactive accounts

Twitter: Elon Musk Announces the Upcoming Deactivation of Inactive Accounts

SOCIAL NETWORKS: The operation should reduce the number of Twitter subscribers of many users, warned the multi-billionaire Elon Musk warned on Monday that Twitter users risk seeing their number of subscribers drop soon. The owner of the social network has indeed taken the decision to deactivate unused accounts. “We’re eliminating accounts that haven’t been active at all for years,” the […]

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A new website to rent spaces in Saint-Nazaire

Saint-Nazaire: Web Site for Renting Parks, Terraces or Gardens

In the summertime, Thomas Chéné and Mathieu Advenard, two students of the engineering school, are going green. Their site connects homeowners gardens, terraces or parks with tenants for all types of events. In order to install a trust relationship between users and secure the benefits, people will know about the site. “There will be assessment notices for […]

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