It’s 2018, Happy New Year To You All!

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Happy New Year 2018 from the team

Finish of 2017! The editor and staff wishes to you and yours, a very beautiful Happy New Year for 2018, full of small and great joys, great projects and fulfillment.

That’s it, 2017 is complete, up to 2018! Happy New Year to you all !

For as this new year begins, we wish you the sweetness and many good and beautiful things, large and small joys, at home and at work for you and your family.

Since iour launch many years ago, as a property portal, to evolve into our national platform of local and national information,  we have become a place, a meeting place, a crossroads for all users of the regions of France and expatriates worldwide.

An increase of visitors!

You were among many, who have discovered our website that has seen a large increase in daily and weekly page views in 2017 !

Thank you for your trust, throughout this past year together, and thank you (in advance) for many months that we will still share here on our site, and also on our Facebook page or on Twitter .

For us, 2018 will be a year rich in projects. We hope it will be the same for you and we wish you success and fulfillment.

Happy 2018 to all!

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