Donald Trump called on his supporters to "go home" after several hundred of them invaded the seat of Congress.

United States: Violence on Capitol Hill, Trump Calls on Supporters to “Go Home”, Biden Denounces “Insurgency”

PROTESTS: Hundreds of demonstrators favourable to President Donald Trump invaded the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday in an insurrectionary climate, interrupting the session of Congress which was to confirm the victory of Joe Biden In a serious speech on Wednesday, the next Democratic President Joe Biden denounced an “unprecedented” attack on American democracy. He called on Donald Trump to […]

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Rudy Giuliani is one of Donald Trump personal lawyers.

US Presidential Election: Will Donald Trump Continue to Pursue Justice for a Long Time?

POLITICS: A week before the official vote of the big voters, the chances of Donald Trump succeeding in challenging the presidential election results appear to be weaker and weaker More than three weeks after the presidential election, Donald Trump still refuses to admit the victory of Joe Biden and continues to denounce “a massive fraud”. Since […]

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