Theresa May’s Brexit motion has been voted down

Another Rejection of the Brexit Motion from Theresa May

BREXIT: MP’s have rejected the latest Brexit motion from Theresa May by 303 votes to 258 … MPs have rejected the latest Brexit motion from Theresa May by 303 votes to 258. Immediately after the result was announced, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn said that it showed ‘there is no majority for the prime […]

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Theresa May returns to Brussels to break Brexit Deadlock

Theresa May Returns to Brussels to Break the Deadlock over Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May arrives in the European capital in a tense atmosphere, in the wake of a controversy created by the President of the European Council Donald Tusk. British Prime Minister Theresa May will try on Thursday 7th February, 2019 in Brussels to obtain a new compromise on the burning issue of the Irish border , despite the […]

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With Brexit problems, Airbus could pull out of UK

Brexit: Airbus Boss Could Make “Painful Decisions” on UK

In the absence of an agreement on Brexit, Airbus president Tom Enders may have to make “painful decisions”. The group employs 14,000 people in the United Kingdom. Is it a bluff or a real warning? In a video published by Airbus on January 23, 2019, Tom Enders threatens the United Kingdom in case of Brexit without agreement. The boss of the aeronautical giant could be led […]

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British Parliament ready to reject Brexit agreement

Brexit: British Parliament Ready to Reject Theresa May Agreement

Historic vote is expected this Tuesday evening in the British parliament that should determine the future of the United Kingdom and whether or not Theresa May at the head of the government. The British MPs are pronounced Tuesday, January 15 in the evening on the divorce agreement with the EU by the First Minister Theresa May , a historic […]

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Jeremy Hunt says Brexit might not take place

Brexit: Jeremy Hunt Says Brexit May Not Take Place

On Sky News, British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said the UK’s exit was unlikely to happen. If the agreement is rejected, the House of Commons will have the last word. Brexit might not happen! British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said the House of Commons could play a vital role in the future of Brexit . In case of rejection on Tuesday […]

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More Brexit problems for Theresa May's government

Brexit: Another Snub in a Vote for Theresa May’s Government

The British government of Theresa May lost another vote in Westminster against the British MPs. In case of rejection of the UK Brexit withdrawal agreement from the European Union, 10 Downing Street will have to propose an alternative plan in the following days in Westminster. Theresa May goes from bad to worse. The British Prime Minister lost a […]

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Brexit vote will take place on the 15th January

Brexit: The Vote in the House of Commons will take Place on January 15th

While the parliamentary debate over the Brexit agreement resumes on Wednesday 9th January, government sources indicate that the vote in the House of Commons will be held on the 15th of the same month. The vote in the House of Commons on the withdrawal agreement that Theresa May’s government negotiated with Brussels will take place […]

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The National Assembly prepares for the uncertainty of Brexit

National Assembly Prepares for “Uncertainty” of Brexit

France has decided to “prepare” for the consequences of Brexit. The National Assembly supported, in the night to Monday to Tuesday, a bill allowing the French government to protect itself. Explanations. Brexit “hard” or “soft”  ? The National Assembly has approved the bill allowing the government to protect, through future orders, any form that would take the exit of the United Kingdom from […]

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Theresa May rules out a second Brexit referendum

Brexit: Theresa May Rules out Second Referendum

The British Prime Minister has ruled out a second Brexit referendum at her initiative at a press conference on Thursday night at Downing Street. The British Prime Minister also said that the draft Brexit agreement with the European Union was “the best” possible for the United Kingdom. “As far as I’m concerned, there will be no […]

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MP calls for vote of no confidence against Theresa May over Brexit

Brexit: A Pro-Brexit MP Calls for a Vote of No Confidence against Theresa May

Conservative member Jacob Rees-Mogg on Thursday called for a vote of no confidence against Theresa May’s government. Partisan of a tough Brexit, he blames the head of the executive for having an agreement creating a different status for Northern Ireland. Theresa May will she fall because of Brexit  ? Conservative pro-Brexit MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has called for a vote […]

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