A study concludes that 2.8 million French drink polluted water

2.8 Million French Drink Polluted Water

Almost all the French can safe to drink tap water, but 2.8 million people have access only to polluted water in particular by pesticides, nitrates or lead, said Thursday a study of UFC-Que Choisir. “The overall conclusion is very reassuring” , says consumer association which analyzed systems serving 36,600 communes of France from February 2014 […]

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No labelling of the origin of meat in 50 percent of processed meat products

No Labeling of the Origin in more than 50% of Processed Meats

The consumer association UFC Que Choisir unveiled Monday … The UFC Que Choisir consumer association announced today, Monday that the indication of the origin of meat in processed products, a claim breeders who are not required today, was absent for more than half of the products meat. In total, 54% of processed meat products do […]

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