The new radar was installed on Thursday, October 31 at Les Mureaux (Yvelines).

Les Mureaux (Yvelines): A New Radar Installed on the D154

A new generation radar, called radar turret, was installed on Thursday 31st October 2019 on the D154 at the entrance of Les Mureaux (Yvelines). Beware of speeding on the D154 at Les Mureaux (Yvelines), near the crossroads of the tip Moser, near the town of Verneuil-sur-Seine. A turret radar has been installed Thursday 31st October 2019 late morning, at […]

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All Morbihan Speed Cameras Operational by April 1

All Morbihan Speed Cameras Operational by April

The prefect of Morbihan announced that all degraded Speed Cameras will be repaired by April. There is urgency: unlike the rest of France, road mortality continues to increase in the department, and speed is more and more involved. By the month of April, the thirty radars of Morbihan will all be operational. Concerned by a new rise […]

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The Varaville radar was destroyed by the flames on the night of Thursday 24 to Friday 25 January 2019

Normandy: The Varaville Radar Set on Fire at Night

The fixed radar installed on the D27 in the municipality of Varaville was set on fire on the night of Thursday 24th to Friday 25th January 2019. On the night of Thursday 24th to Friday 25th January, 2019, the fixed radar installed on the D27 at the commune of Varaville (Calvados), near Cabourg , was destroyed by fire. The firefighters of Périers-en-Auge intervened around midnight to […]

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The speed radar vandalised near Châteaubriant

The Radar between Châteaubriant and Nozay has been Vandalised

The radar installed on the D771, just outside Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), was vandalised during the night of Thursday 22nd to Friday 23rd November, 2018. It was painted. The radar located on the D771, on the portion of the dual carriageway at the commune of Louisfert (Loire-Atlantique), on the route Châteaubriant – Nozay, was vandalzed and painted in the […]

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A radar was reinstalled on June 26, 2018 on the D771 between Saint-Vincent-des-Landes and Louisfert, near Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique).

The Radar is Back on the D771 between Saint-Vincent-des-Landes and Châteaubriant

A speed radar is again installed on the D771 between Saint-Vincent-des-Landes and Louisfert, near Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), since Tuesday 26th June, 2018. A team of technicians is at work, Tuesday 26th June, 2018, to install a new radar on the dual carraigeway of the D771 between Saint-Vincent-des-Landes and Louisfert . The old radar, burned in November 2017, was removed on […]

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The radar of Ouilly-le-Vicomte (Calvados) was once again covered with paint.

Normandy: The Radar of Ouilly-le-Vicomte Vandalized Once again

The automatic radar Ouilly-le-Vicomte (Calvados) near Lisieux was once again vandalised, at the end of the week.It was covered with paint. Already burned and tagged several times, the automatic fixed radar located on the D579 at Ouilly-le-Vicomte (Calvados) near Lisieux was vandalized once more. The third-generation camera was covered at the end of the week with a thick layer of purple paint at the window protecting the flash. It […]

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The Court of Cassation has ruled that is legal to report speed camera locations on Facebook

Speed Camera Locations on Facebook is legal, the Supreme Court says

JUSTICE: The Court of Cassation confirmed the acquittal of the members of a Facebook group aveyronnais who reported mobile cameras on the social network … It is not forbidden to report mobile cameras on social networks. It is the Court of Cassation , the highest court in France, which said it. Tuesday, she confirmed the acquittal […]

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New Speed radar to be installed in Saint Herblain

A building site radar installed in Saint-Herblain

A building site radar will be installed, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 2nd, on the boulevard of La Baule, Saint-Herblain. It is a machine of a new generation. A mobile radar will be operated on Wednesday in the La Baule Boulevard between Claude Bernard and Rue des Hauts-Moulins, Saint-Herblain. A location in the heart of the […]

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