Speed Camera Locations on Facebook is legal, the Supreme Court says

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The Court of Cassation has ruled that is legal to report speed camera locations on Facebook

JUSTICE: The Court of Cassation confirmed the acquittal of the members of a Facebook group aveyronnais who reported mobile cameras on the social network …

It is not forbidden to report mobile cameras on social networks. It is the Court of Cassation , the highest court in France, which said it. Tuesday, she confirmed the acquittal of the members of Aveyron Facebook group sued for informing motorists of the location of speed cameras.

In 2014, the twelve defendants were sentenced to a month’s license suspension by the Criminal Court of Rodez, then acquitted on appeal. But the prosecutor of Rodez had appealed that decision.

The devices are banned

The Highway Code “does not prohibit the act of notifying or informing the location of devices, instruments and systems for the recording of offenses or the regulation of traffic,” says Court in its judgment.

She cautions that the devices such as radar detectors or which are intended to prevent cameras working by blurring are themselves prohibited.

“We have the right to publish the location of speed cameras”

“Today we can clearly state that we have the right to publish the location of speed cameras (…) The case law is established. This ends an incredible hypocrisy, “says Rémy Josseaume, the Paris lawyer specializing in traffic offenses which defended the group from Aveyron.

“This is very good news for road users,” the founder of the Facebook group concerned. Called at the time “the group that tells you where the police cameras are in  Aveyron”,  his page is now closed.

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This was a great ruling, thanks to Remy Josseaume for defending the group so that the right of free speech was upheld.

James C. Walker, National Motorists Association (US), frequent visitor to Europe – this year to the UK, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Germany