Seasonal Fruits: Plum Gives Us So Much 1

Seasonal Fruits: Plum Gives Us So Much

Plain, raw, cooked, in a salty or sweet version, the plum accompanies us until October, it is easy to eat and completely healthy! Plum is low in calories. For example, Reine-Claude contains only 43 calories. It can therefore easily be eaten in case of a little hunger. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre. There are more than 2,000 […]

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The ideal: eat your spinach as soon as you get home ... They don't keep for a long time in the fridge.

Spinach: How to Eat It, In Three Steps

Often spurned by children, spinach nevertheless has an important taste and nutritional qualities. 1. The perfect time to enjoy it As soon as you get back from shopping … now is the perfect time to taste fresh spinach. This delicate vegetable does not keep for more than two days in the refrigerator. Beyond, its beautiful fleshy foliage will tend to wilt […]

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Vitamin Bowl of the harvest

Recipe Ideas: This Week, Let’s Cook the Grapes!

Grapes are not consumed only in nature. You can also cook it and enjoy its benefits. It contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements. At breakfast, vitamin bowl of the grape harvest For 1 person: 50 g of quinoa (choice of 3 colours), 25 cl of vegetable milk (soy, coconut, almond …), 1 tbsp. coconut cream, ½ vanilla pod, 1 […]

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