Gradual return of rail traffic at 12 o'clock after SNCF Strike

SNCF Strike: Gradual Return of Traffic at 12 o’clock

A social movement again disrupts the train traffic this Sunday 20th October 2019. The SNCF announces a gradual resumption of traffic from noon, in Morbihan and Brittany. Train traffic is still disrupted this Sunday 20th October 2019, due to the continuation of the social movement committed Friday. SNCF announced early in the morning a service “very disturbed” […]

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Bordeaux station evacuated after bomb threat

Bordeaux: Saint-Jean Station Evacuated Following a Bomb Threat, Traffic Completely Disrupted

This Monday 10th June 2019, all travellers were evacuated from the station Saint-Jean de Bordeaux for one hour. The reason? A disturbing phone call … On Pentecost Monday, the Saint Jean station was evacuated for over an hour following a threatening phone call . The police intervened Around 4 pm, all the travellers were asked to go out and take refuge […]

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Traffic has resumed at the Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel: Traffic Resumes after Several Hours of Breakdown

Sunday, a breakdown in the Channel Tunnel caused the total interruption of traffic in both directions for several hours. Traffic has resumed. Traffic in the Channel Tunnel between France and Britain resumed Sunday early in the afternoon after an electrical failure that led to the total interruption of traffic in both directions for several hours. “The service has […]

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An SNCF employee at the Saint-Lazare station in Paris, April 29, 2018. (© AFP / Ar

Strike at the SNCF: Traffic Less Disturbed this Friday, with 9 TGV in 10 and 3 TER out of 5

SNCF traffic, hit by the strike on Friday, will be less disturbed than during previous mobilization days with 9 TGV out of ten, three TER out of five and two Transilien out of 3. SNCF traffic, hit by the strike on Friday, will be less disturbed than on previous mobilization days with nine TGV out of ten, […]

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The railway workers' strike against the SNCF reform is continuing on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th May 2018.

SNCF Strike: Traffic “Disturbed” in Normandy Monday 28th May: Detailed Forecasts

The strike movement of railway unions against the reform of the SNCF continues on Monday 28th May, 2018. Three out of five TER and one Intercity out of two are forecast. Details. The bumpy strike decided by the railway unions continues to try to bend the government with its reform of the SNCF . Monday, May 28, 2018, the circulation […]

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Normandy is one of the most affected of the SNCF Strike

SNCF Strike: Disrupted Rail Traffic, Normandy is One of the Most Affected Regions

The ongoing strike of the SNCF unions resumes on Saturday 7th April, 2018, at 7pm. Rail traffic should still be very seriously disrupted in Normandy, Sunday and Monday. One out of four trips (train or bus) will take place in Normandy, for the third day of the bumpy SNCF strike on Sunday 8th April 2018. A very disturbed traffic The […]

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