Will Emmanuel Macron announce a third confinement of France this week

Coronavirus: A New Confinement Announced This Week by Emmanuel Macron?

CONFINEMENT:  Olivier Véran indicates that it is this week that we will see if the generalized curfew at 6 p.m. has its effects in reducing the coronavirus epidemic It is Le Journal du Dimanche that makes its front page on this: according to the weekly, a third confinement against the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic could be decreed as early as this week, […]

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Covid-19: faced with the English variant, the government is considering new confinement

Covid-19: Faced with the English Mutation, the Government is Considering a New Confinement

British and South African variants are gaining ground in France. And if the number of cases continues to increase, more stringent measures could be taken. More contagious, the variants of coronavirus Covid-19 worry the authorities at the highest point. To date, two variants have been identified in France: one from South Africa, the other from the United Kingdom. The latter has also […]

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Three dead after Pfizer-BioNtech Vaccine in Nancy, France

Covid-19. Three Dead in Nancy After Receiving the Pfizer Vaccine, Open Investigations According to Olivier Véran

The Minister of Health announced the opening of investigations after questions about the first deaths recorded after the injection in France of doses of vaccines. Five people have died in France after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine, the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday 19th January 2021.  Among the victims, three deaths were recorded by […]

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The executive under the influence of several investigations into the management of the coronavirus health crisis

Coronavirus: The Executive Under Several Investigations into the Management of the Health Crisis

JUSTICE: Four judicial inquiries, opened following a preliminary investigation started on June 8th, so far include 253 complaints The Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), the only body empowered to judge members of the executive for the exercise of their function, has work. Insufficient stocks of masks, supply problem, underestimated epidemic risk … several investigations have […]

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"A dozen suspected or proven cases" of the British variant of the coronavirus have so far been spotted in France,

Coronavirus: Ten Cases of the British Coronavirus Variant in France

PANDEMIC: England and Scotland announced on Monday their total confinement in the face of the surge of the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic “A dozen suspected or proven cases” of the British variant of the coronavirus have so far been spotted in France, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran said on Tuesday , stressing that its likely greater transmissibility “worries” the authorities  “It […]

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Coronavirus: hospitalizations on the rise, 380 deaths in 24 hours

Coronavirus: 380 Deaths in Hospital in France in 24 Hours

EPIDEMIC: Hospitalisations in France are on the rise again due to the coronavirus epidemic  Coronavirus hospitalisations have continued to increase in the past twenty-four hours, and 380 patients have died, according to figures released Monday by Public Health France. The number of patients hospitalised for Covid-19 stands at 24,962 – or 182 more than on Sunday, the highest since December 21st. The […]

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Olivier Véran has announced that caregivers over 50 years old will receive vaccine

Coronavirus: Caregivers Aged 50 and Over “Who Wish” can be Vaccinated “from Monday”, announces Olivier Véran

EPIDEMIC: The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran also announced that before the beginning of February, vaccination centres will open in the city. The government is shifting into high gear. The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 will “accelerate” towards priority audiences, with the possibility for caregivers aged 50 and over to be vaccinated “from Monday”, the Minister of Health announced on Twitter on Thursday. […]

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Government forced to wait how coronavirus epidemic develops in France

Coronavirus: In Uncertainty, The Government Forced to Wait … But Until When?

EPIDEMIC: A Defense Council is scheduled for Tuesday, but the government could wait until January 7th before taking new measures against the coronavirus The Elysee Palace said that a new health defence council will be organized on Tuesday. This meeting comes in a tense context, while several elected officials, especially in the Grand Est, are worried […]

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The deconfinement schedule "may need to change", according to Olivier Véran

Coronavirus: The Deconfinement Schedule “May Need to Change”, According to Olivier Véran

PANDEMIC: Invited by LCI, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran was cautious about the rise in infections and tried to reassure the French about vaccines He didn’t want to get wet. But by acknowledging that the target of a drop to 5,000 new cases of Covid-19 per day would be “difficult” to achieve, the Minister of Health knows that the government […]

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The goal of falling below the 5,000 new Covid cases per day, a condition set by President Macron to deconfin, will probably not be achieved.

Coronavirus: The Goal of 5,000 Cases Per Day on December 15th Far From Being Reached, Deconfinement Postponed?

EPIDEMIC: This prerequisite for deconfinement posed by President Emmanuel Macron will most certainly not be reached on December 15th. Emmanuel Macron announced on November 24th that deconfinement, or light confinement, would take place on December 15 if France again fell below the threshold of 5,000 new daily Covid-19 contaminations. Problem: the current level of contamination – […]

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