Coronavirus: Caregivers Aged 50 and Over “Who Wish” can be Vaccinated “from Monday”, announces Olivier Véran

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Olivier Véran has announced that caregivers over 50 years old will receive vaccine

EPIDEMIC: The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran also announced that before the beginning of February, vaccination centres will open in the city.

The government is shifting into high gear. The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 will “accelerate” towards priority audiences, with the possibility for caregivers aged 50 and over to be vaccinated “from Monday”, the Minister of Health announced on Twitter on Thursday.

Olivier Véran had already indicated on Tuesday that it would be extended to health professionals aged 50 and over by the end of January. But faced with criticism from elected officials and some doctors denouncing the slow start of the vaccination campaign, the schedule is accelerating again. ” Be reassured. The vaccination campaign will soon gain momentum, “he added, assuring that France knows” how to organize a mass vaccination “.

Vaccination centres will open in the city in early February

The Minister of Health also announces that before the beginning of February, vaccination centres will open in town to start vaccinating people aged 75 and over, then those 65 and over … “In a few weeks, vaccination will have been proposed to all older people, and we will be at the same level as countries that have done things differently. Without loss of luck, on the contrary, ”he further assured.

The campaign organized in three phases since Sunday first provided for the vaccination by the end of February of a million people among the oldest and most vulnerable, individuals and caregivers, in 7,000 nursing homes and other similar establishments. The second phase then concerned “all retirees over 65”, before in a third phase mass vaccination.

While less than 200 people have been vaccinated since Sunday in France, against several thousand in Germany or Italy, the Academy of Medicine had also regretted Thursday the start “very slow”, judging the precautions taken in nursing homes “excessive” .

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