Nicolas Hulot Regrets a Crisis of “Yellow Vests” according to him “Avoidable”

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Nicolas Hulot regrets the crisis with the Yellow Vests

The former Minister of Ecological Transition, Nicolas Hulot came out of his silence on France 2 Thursday 22nd November. He particularly regretted the “crisis” of yellow vests, according to him “avoidable”.

Nicolas Hulot came out of three months of silence on Thursday night, during the political broadcast on France 2 and he “assumes” everything.

Highly anticipated on the subject of “yellow vests” , the former minister of ecological transition said he regrets this “crisis” according to him “avoidable” if the government had “heard” his suggestions on accompanying the ecological transition.

The one who pleaded for 10 years for a green taxation, defended on France 2 the rise of the carbon tax of “yellow vests”. But “we need social support worthy of the name,” he insisted.

“I fought … I was not heard”

” I fought , especially the weeks before I left, for a complete change of scale in the social support of the energy and ecological transition, with concrete proposals ,” he said. confronted with the demands of a “yellow jacket” in duplex since Saint-Brieuc.

“I have not been heard. I was told budget reasons, I learned the lessons, “added a Nicolas Hulot very reassembled on the set of the Political Emission presented by the same Leah Salamé who had collected his resounding resignation live on France Inter end of August .

“I would have preferred actually not to have been right on the risk of runaway that we know.”

“With Emmanuel Macron, we do not have the same diagnosis”

While the mobilisation of “yellow vests” continues, the head of state must present Tuesday new accompanying measures to make the ecological transition “more acceptable”.

Faced with questions on the set prompting him to criticize Emmanuel Macron, Nicolas Hulot kicked in touch, refusing to comment on a “disenchantment” with the French president , the first to have managed to convince him to accept a post of Minister.

But during interviews during a trip to the foot of the largest French glacier, the Sea of ​​Ice in Chamonix, the ecologist was more dissert.

“With Emmanuel Macron, we did not have the same diagnosis about the state of the planet and the threats to humanity. So from the moment we do not have the same diagnosis, we do not offer the same treatment. If you are told that you have angina or generalised cancer, it is not the same thing.”

“Available” but “not in politics”

Despite this media and political return, he assured that he would not support any list in the European elections of 2019, saying “available (to act) but not in the traditional political field”.

As for a possible candidacy for the presidential election of 2022, it is “a fantasy of a journalist” , said the one who has become again the preferred political personality of the French according to polls.

Assuring that he did not regret his resignation, which he said “provoked a form of start”, he called on the entire political class to seize “structural proposals that match the realities of the 21st century”.

Reducing nuclear: “it was not playable”

A few days before the presentation of the energy roadmap of France for the next ten years, he also “assumed” the decision to postpone the goal of reducing the share of nuclear power in electricity production to 50 % in 2025 .

“It was too late, and unless we had problems with security of supply, it was not playable.”

While several scenarios are on the table, he pleaded for the closure of six nuclear reactors by 2028 in addition to the two of Fessenheim. “The 50% of nuclear is not questioned, and for me it is an important marker”.

Juliette BInoche: “your resignation was a detonator”

Two weeks before the opening of the 24th UN Climate Conference (COP24), he also called for concern about this ” end of the world issue “.

A call taken by actress Juliette Binoche , surprise guest of the show. “Your resignation has been a detonator of many consciences, ” she said, inviting the French to join the December 8th marches “for air conditioning … climate forgiveness.”

Named for the first time minister in May 2017, after giving up a presidential candidacy a year earlier, Nicolas Hulot had to swallow many decisions contrary to his beliefs, despite some symbolic victories like the abandonment of the airport project of Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

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