Jean-Luc Mélenchon could not understand why the European flag was flying

“It’s the French Republic here, not the Virgin Mary” … Mélenchon Discovers a European flag in the Assembly

POLITICS: The rebellious member did not understand why the EU flag was there … His arrival to the National Assembly on Tuesday had been noticed . But the reaction of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, new MP of France Insoumis of Bouches-du-Rhône, in sight of a European flag in the grounds of the Palais Bourbon, also worth its weight in peanuts. […]

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According to two polls published on Thursday, the formation of Emmanuel Macron would win between 440 and 470 seats in the 577 national assembly.

Legislative Elections: Up to 470 deputies for Le Republique en Marche [Poll]

La Republique en Marche would win overwhelmingly on Sunday in the second round of Legislative parliamentary elections, according to two polls by Harris Interactive-and-Orpi OpinionWay, published on Thursday. Harris Interactive Poll-Careers The formation of Emmanuel Macron party, would win between 440 and 470 seats of the 577 in the National Assembly, Republicans allies IDUs from […]

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Are we heading towards parity in the National Assembly after Legislative Elections

Legislative Elections: Moving towards parity in the National Assembly?

EQUALITY: All obviously depends on the results of the second round … So far, the National Assembly was far from a parity model. In 2012, the Palais Bourbon had only 27% of women elected … what was already a “record”. This proportion is expected to increase significantly after the second round of legislative elections scheduled for Sunday. According to calculations […]

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The legislative election results for the Mayenne

Legislative Elections: The Results in Mayenne

There will be second rounds throughout Mayenne for these legislative elections in 2017. The three candidates running for La Republic En Marche will be there. This is the evening news. All results are known in Mayenne for this first round of parliamentary legislative elections 2017. The three candidates of the Republic on, Béatrice Mottier in the […]

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The state of emergency has been extended until after the Presidential elections in 2017

MPs Adopt the Extension of State of Emergency

The National Assembly during the night, voted on prolonging the state of emergency until 15 July with a large majority in favor. A decision motivated by the risk of a terrorist attack remains high while the presidential and legislative elections are scheduled in the spring. Adopted by 288 votes against 32 and five abstentions, the […]

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The National Assembly in France adopts the budget for 2017

The Assembly Adopted the Entire Budget in 2017

BUDGET: A large majority … The last budget of the five-year president, Francois Hollande was voted. The National Assembly on Tuesday approved on its first reading the entire 2017 draft budget by a clear majority of 287 votes against 243, similar to that for the only revenue side there is a month. The opposition, which […]

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The National Assembly gave the green light Thursday to the experimental authorization for pharmacists to vaccinate against flu

The Assembly Authorizes Pharmacists to Vaccinate against Flu

The National Assembly gave the green light on Thursday to the experimental authorization for pharmacists to vaccinate against flu, and also for general practitioners to store the vaccines for administration. “As for the flu, only 48% of the those at risk were vaccinated in 2015-2016, a decline of more than 14 points since 2009” , said […]

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Gathering of members of "#NuitDebout" May 3, 2016 before the National Assembly in Paris

Labour law: #NuitDebout Protesters briefly Blocking Traffic to the Assembly

Sixty demonstrators #NuitDebout movement blocked traffic for a few minutes before the National Assembly to show the deputies their opposition to labour law …   “Si t’es contre la loi Travail, tape dans tes mains !”, crie le groupe mis à l’écart. #NuitDebout — Raphaël Georgy (@RaphaelGeorgy) May 3, 2016   “Labour Law,  we want […]

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Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden Denounces the New Laws in France – Post “Charlie Hebdo”

According to him, no mass surveillance program has helped prevent terrorist attacks … Edward Snowden denounces the post-laws Charlie in France. In a lengthy interview published May 22 by The Guardian , the whistleblower who revealed details of millions of citizens spying by the NSA puts particular warn against the responses toterrorism by Hexagon , […]

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