“I leave the Socialist Party or the Socialist Party left me,” says Manuel Valls

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Manuel Valls has left the Socialist Party

POLITICS:  “Sit the group En Marche, it’s a possibility,” argued former Prime Minister Manuel Valls …

“Part of my political life ends. I leave the Socialist Party or the Socialist Party left me. “Former Prime Minister  Manuel Valls , who” joined the PS 37 years ago, “announced Tuesday he was leaving the party in RTL.

“I wrote to Bertrand Delanoë, who exercised responsibilities within the PS, asking if a young foreigner, because I was Spanish at the time, could join the Socialist Party. He told me yes. I note with great bitterness what became the Socialist Party. Now I want only one thing, it is the success of France over the next five years,” said the one who was re-elected MP of Essonne without the label PS.

No “ambiguities”

Asked about his place in the National Assembly, Manuel Valls, who supported Emmanuel Macron in the first round of presidential elections, said he did not “sit in a group where there would be ambiguity where it is not vote of confidence in the government. ”

“Sitting in the group En Marche, it’s a possibility,” estimated the elected official.

According to a parliamentary source, Manuel Valls will sit as an MP related to the group Le Republique En Marche.

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