Motorcyclist Daniel Hegarty died in accident

Moto: A Motorcyclist, Daniel Hegarty, was Killed after a Bad Fall at the Macau Grand Prix

SPORT: The British motorcyclist Daniel Hegarty died Saturday in a crash that occurred at the Macau Grand Prix … The British motorcyclist Daniel Hegarty died Saturday in a crash that occurred at the Macau Grand Prix, a historic and famous race after losing control of his motorcycle and violently hit a barrier on the circuit. […]

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For the first time in France, a man was buried with his motorcycle.

For the First Time in France, a Motorcyclist was Buried with his Bike

Thursday, November 2, 2017, a 46-year-old was buried with his bike in St. Roch near Tours (Indre-et-Loire). A first in France. 200 bikers are come to worship him. It was his last wish. In St. Roch, near Tours (Indre-et-Loire), a motorcyclist aged 46 years old was buried, Thursday, November 2, 2017 with his motorcycle , reveals France 3 . The biker died late October as […]

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A motorcyclist was flashed 156 times for speeding

A Motorcyclist Flashed 156 Times by the Same Radar in a Year

ROAD SAFETY: He travelled at speeds up to 240 km/h on a road limited to 90 … An average of ten flashes per month. A motorcyclist was stopped by the gendarmes of the motorized platoon Bethune, who suspect him of having started a road radar 156 times between late September 2014 and December 2015, reports La Voix du Nord . […]

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The accident occurred east of Rennes, in the town of Cesson-Sevigne, Belle Fontaine Avenue.

Near Rennes: A Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in Crash

Thursday night, shortly before 9pm, an accident occurred avenue of Belle Fontaine, Cesson-Sevigne, near Rennes. A motorcyclist was under a car, he was hospitalized in serious condition. Rescuers were alerted Thursday evening, around 8.30pm, while a collision between a motorcycle and a car had just occurred in the east of Rennes, in the town of Cesson-Sevigne, […]

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Motorcyclist caught speeding at 200 km/h in the Pas-de-Calais region

Pas-de-Calais: Speeding at 200 km/h in a Village, he takes Flight

A motorcyclist has delivered a chase with the police to more than 170 km/h in the Pas-de-Calais region around Arras … He managed to make 23 km in less than 10 minutes on country and urban roads. The motorcyclist was arrested on Friday night around 11 pm when the motorbike crashed and came to rest on its […]

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Near Rennes in a Hill climb competition, a motorcyclist dies in an accident

Near Rennes. A Motorcycle Rider dies in Race in Saint-Thurial

A woman died in the hill climb competition this afternoon at St. Thurial, near Rennes. The tragedy occurred just after the finish line. The Hill Climb at St. Thurial mourned Sunday afternoon by the death of a woman motorcyclist occurred in competition. The young woman involved in the Open race (250 cm3) died after hitting a telephone […]

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