Port of Saint-Nazaire: 294 Kilos of Cocaine Seized from Cargo Ship

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The drugs were found in a cargo ship at the port of Saint-Nazaire

The drugs were found Friday 12th January in a container on a cargo ship that had to land on the docks of the port of Nantes/Saint-Nazaire.

A major drug seizure was conducted Friday 12th Januaryat the docks of the port of Nantes / Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique).

294 kilos of cocaine were discovered by the police in Nantes “in a container on a ship,” said the prosecutor of the Court interregional specialized (JIRS) of Rennes, confirming a report by our colleagues at Presse-Océan.

Merchandise “very good quality”

The ship, which had to land on the container terminal of Montoir-de-Bretagne “came from across the Atlantic,” says the prosecutor who does not want to say more about its origin, and the circumstances of the seizure.

Reportedly, the container in question was from South America and was brought on the Loire by a “feeder” vessel (which links with the major hub ports), the MSC Masha 3.

This freighter of 184 metres left the estuary the next day on Saturday 13th January, towards Vigo, Spain.

The value of the goods which were, “very good quality”, would amount to more than € 2O million.

The investigators of the judicial police in Nantes are now charged up the thread of this international traffic.

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