In Saint-Nazaire, 180 Egyptians will awaken the sleepy Mistral

Mistral: 180 Egyptian Sailors are Expected Soon in Saint-Nazaire

Controlled by Russia, the two Mistral ships built in Saint-Nazaire were eventually purchased by Egypt. 180 Egyptian sailors are expected within a month. Both Mistral ships, occupying the port of Saint-Nazaire for a year will soon find new occupants, after the original sale to Russia was cancelled. The new owner, namely the Egyptian Navy will send a first crew […]

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Eygypt to Purchase the two mistral vessels

Mistral. Egypt will Buy both undelivered Vessels to Russia

France and Egypt have reached an agreement and terms in principle of the repurchase of the two Mistral warships originally intended for Russia. The announcement was made ​​by the Elysee this lunchtime, Wednesday at midday: “The President of the Republic met with the President Sissi. They agreed on the principle and terms of the purchase […]

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Four countries have expressed an interest in the purcase of the Mistral Ships

Mistral: 4 Countries including Egypt are Interested in the Purchase of Ships

Four countries – Canada, India, Singapore, and especially Egypt … Four countries, Canada, India, Singapore, and especially Egypt have expressed “serious” interest for the purchase of the Mistral warships after the cancellation of the sale by France to Russia, said a senior French official to parliamentarians, while giving details of the bill for the construction and the ‘six […]

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