Mistral. The finished boats, what will we do now?

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The second Mistral type ship has been completed
The second Mistral type ship has been completed
The Sebastopol was originally to be delivered in the autumn. | (Photo: Ouest-France)

The construction of the second ship type Mistral has just ended at Saint-Nazaire.  It will not be shipped to Russia and is now waiting for a future.

Mission complete for employees of STX: they have completed the manufacture of Sebastopol, this second type of ship Mistral, initially made to order for Russia. The end of construction was announced at the end of last week by the works council.

The unions are glad this contract is now over as there has been so much uncertainty for months about this contract and whether it would be terminated earl, due to the Ukrainian crisis, and Paris stalling on the delivery.

Both ships at present will be mothballed at St Nazaire, whilst their future is determined.

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