Mistral: 180 Egyptian Sailors are Expected Soon in Saint-Nazaire

Local News
In Saint-Nazaire, 180 Egyptians will awaken the sleepy Mistral

Controlled by Russia, the two Mistral ships built in Saint-Nazaire were eventually purchased by Egypt. 180 Egyptian sailors are expected within a month.

Both Mistral ships, occupying the port of Saint-Nazaire for a year will soon find new occupants, after the original sale to Russia was cancelled. The new owner, namely the Egyptian Navy will send a first crew to start training in the coming weeks. 180 sailors are expected to arrive by plane in mid-January for a training session, beginning in February. They will be followed three months later by another crew of 180 men who will take over the second ship.

The transfer of Mistral to the Egyptian Navy is scheduled to be completed by March 2016.

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