A Deal on Brexit is still Possible insists Michel Banier

Brexit: An Agreement is “Still Possible This Week”, According to Michel Barnier

BREXIT: EU negotiator Michel Barnier said an agreement on Brexit is “still possible this week”. An agreement on Brexit is “possible this week” with the United Kingdom to reach an amicable divorce, announced Tuesday in Luxembourg EU negotiator Michel Barnier. “The discussions were intensive over the weekend and yesterday (Monday), and although it will be increasingly difficult, an agreement is still possible […]

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The "compromise" proposed by Boris Johnson on Brexit , particularly on the sensitive issue of the Irish border , did not convince the Europeans

Brexit: Boris Johnson’s Offer Does Not Convince the EU

AGAIN AND AGAIN: For Michel Barnier, as for Jean-Claude Juncker, on the question of Northern Ireland, there is still a lot of work “to achieve the three objectives of the safety net: the absence of borders, the protection of the Irish economy and the protection of the single market “ The “compromise” proposed by Boris Johnson […]

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Boris Johnson terms for brexit are unacceptable to the EU

Brexit: EU judges Boris Johnson terms “Unacceptable”

The freshly appointed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ready to do anything to rush Brexit, including by favouring the scenario of an exit from the EU without agreement. Freshly installed at 10 Downing Street, the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hastily laid down on Thursday, July 25, 2019 his conditions for a new agreement to leave […]

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Theresa May has so far failed to convince her parliament to adopt the EU-backed Brexit withdrawal agreement

Brexit: Theresa May Requests a Postponement until June 30th, the European Union wants Guarantees

The head of the British government sent a letter Wednesday to the European Union to request a postponement of three months for the exit of the United Kingdom until the end of June. But European leaders recall that such an extension of time can only be linked to the adoption of the withdrawal agreement already negotiated. […]

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"We have not reached the end of the road" says Michel Barnier on Brexit

Brexit: “We are not at the end of the road,” Warns Michel Barnier

The European negotiator for the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union expressed Thursday on the agreement found since Strasbourg. He officially handed over the text to the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani and MEP Guy Verhofstadt. According to Michel Barnier, there are still many steps before a total withdrawal from the United […]

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Michel Barnier does not reject the offer of ambitious trade deal after Brexit

Brexit: Barnier Does Not Reject the Idea of ​​an Ambitious Trade Agreement

EUROPE: Michel Barnier said on Monday that the EU was open to an ambitious trade agreement with the United Kingdom, once the Brexit become effective. But he said that Brussels will not compromise on its red lines. The head of the European Union negotiator on Brexit, Michel Barnier said this Monday that the EU was ready […]

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Brexit negotiations remained deadlocked

Brexit: Between Europeans and Britons, Negotiations Remain Deadlocked

EUROPEAN UNION: A fourth round of talks opened in Brussels on Monday … London conditioned the agreement on the “invoice” the departure of its EU countries to agree on “a new partnership” between London and Brussels This position is contrary to that advocated by the Europeans We take the same and start again!  On Monday, […]

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London is willing to pay 40 billion euros to European Union for Brexit

Brexit: London Willing to Pay 40 Billion Euros

MONEY MONEY MONEY: The sum mentioned (by the press) is much lower than 100 billion which is being asked by Brussels … Britain is ready to pay up to 40 billion euros to the European Union under the financial regulations that will accompany its release of the Union, says the Sunday Telegraph , citing government sources. This is […]

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The 27 EU Member States adopt in Brussels Saturday, April 30 their policy on negotiations on the Brexit

Brexit: The European Union is a United Front before Negotiations

The 27 EU Member States adopt in Brussels on Saturday 30th April, their policy on negotiations on Brexit, the output of the United Kingdom from the European Union. They present a united front before the start of negotiations. The 27 EU leaders adopted on Saturday “unanimously” the guiding principles that will guide the European negotiators during […]

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The Brexit agreement must be concluded by October 2018

Brexit: The Exit Agreement Must be Concluded by October 2018

The Brexit agreement from the EU by the UK is to be concluded “by October 2018”, said on Tuesday, by the European Commission Michel Barnier, calling on the British government, faced with the uncertainties of judicial proceedings, not to waste time. “Time is short, it is clear that the negotiation period will be shorter than […]

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