Wearing a mask is now compulsory in enclosed public places in six municipalities in Mayenne.

Mayenne: Wearing a Mandatory Mask in Six Municipalities

The prefecture of Mayenne has just issued a decree requiring the wearing of masks in enclosed public places in six municipalities. New decision to try to reduce the circulation of the coronavirus in Mayenne, the prefecture took a decree making compulsory the wearing of the mask in closed public places, that is establishments receiving the public, of six communes. These […]

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Emmanuel Macron announces mandatory mask from August 1st

Interview of 14th July: Macron Announces the Mandatory Mask in Enclosed Spaces from August 1st

CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC: Emmanuel Macron warned of an epidemic which “is starting again a little” Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday declined several measures in the face of the economic and health crisis, after having presided over a ceremony of July 14th in a reduced format. The mandatory wearing of masks, hitherto confined to public transport since deconfinement on May 11, will be […]

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A protective mask thrown to the ground

Coronavirus: Masks and Gloves Found in Seven Major European Rivers

POLLUTION: Scientists say there is a cause for concern for the environment as many more masks and gloves are likely already at sea A lot of protective masks and gloves were found in seven major European rivers last month, said Sunday a spokesman of the Tara Foundation, warning about the danger of the pollution from microplastics linked to the […]

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Coronavirus in Saint-Ouen: Wearing a mandatory mask in closed public places (Illustration) - F. Binacchi / ANP Coronavirus in Saint-Ouen: Wearing a mandatory mask in closed public places

Coronavirus in Saint-Ouen: Wearing a Mask Mandatory in Enclosed Public Places

HEALTH DECISION: The prefecture of Saint-Ouen has issued a decree requiring the wearing of masks in enclosed spaces receiving the public in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine The mask compulsory or not? While health professionals have recently requested it, the Seine-Saint-Denis prefecture has moved ahead with a decree requiring the wearing of masks in enclosed spaces receiving the public in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, after several cases of the […]

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Already crowded on the beaches of Nice, July 11, 2020.

Coronavirus: Nice Now Limits Events to 2,500 People

EPIDEMIC: The mayor of Nice has decided to reduce the limit of 5,000 people imposed by the government in the context of the Coronavirus Covid-19 health crisis Nice will lower to 2,500 people the maximum limit of people at authorized events, against 5,000, until the 15th August, announced on Monday the mayor Les Républicains  Christian Estrosi, after […]

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Prime Minister Jean Castex speaks during a visit to the prefecture of Cayenne, in Guyana, on July 12,

Wearing a Mask in Confined Spaces: A Question “Under Study”, Assures Jean Castex

During a visit to Guyana, Sunday 12th July, the Prime Minister recalled that “the circulation of the virus is all the more evident when the premises are closed”. Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Sunday 12th July that “the question of developing the wearing of a mask is under study”, particularly for enclosed spaces, in order to fight the epidemic […]

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Several hundred spectators, mostly masked, attended the friendly footballmatch between Caen and Paris FC at the Michel d'Ornano stadium on July 11, 2020

Football Supporters Return to the Stands to Attend Friendly Matches

A new health protocol has been in place since Saturday 11th July 2020 in French football stadiums. It notably authorizes the presence of 5,000 supporters in the stands. 300 spectators, masks and various protective measures against the Covid-19 : the friendly matches between Chambly and Boulogne (1-1) as well as between Caen and Paris FC (1-0), Saturday July 11, 2020, […]

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Covid-19: Donald Trump Appears with a Protective Mask for the First Time 1

Covid-19: Donald Trump Appears with a Protective Mask for the First Time

While the country has recorded more than 66,000 cases of contamination in 24 hours, the American president, Donald Trump appeared masked on Saturday 11th July 2020 during a public appearance. President Donald Trump appeared for the first time on Saturday 11th July 2020, wearing a coronavirus protective mask in public, the day the United States recorded a new record of […]

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The state of health emergency ends on July 10, 2020 but restrictive measures may continue to apply

End of the State of Health Emergency: Gatherings, Stadiums, Masks … What Changes on July 11th

The National Assembly definitively adopted the bill to exit the state of health emergency on July 10th. After this date, certain restrictions will be lifted. The state of health emergency is almost over. Declared March 23rd to deal with the coronavirus epidemic, it must end on Friday 10th July (except in Guyana and Mayotte, where it is extended until […]

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Car sharing: it is again possible to take several passengers

Car Sharing: It Is Again Possible to Take Several Passengers

The government has lifted the ban on carrying more than one traveller each way. The choice of the number of passengers will be left to the driver. Car pooling will be able to move up a gear. The government has indeed relaxed the health measures governing the practice of carpooling, by the publication of a decree on Monday 22nd June 2020. It will […]

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