Orange is preparing to recruit 2,500 people throughout France.

Employment: Orange Recruits 2,500 People in 11 French Cities

Operation Orange recruitment with Hello Jobs Thursday, May 17, 2018. 2,500 people are sought in Lille, Caen, Bordeaux, Rennes or Nancy. In 2018, Orange will recruit  ! In France 2,500 positions and 5,000 internships and apprenticeships are open! To find the right candidates, the company is launching  Hello Jobs  in 11 cities in France Thursday, May 17, 2018:  Lille (Palais de la Bourse), Paris (Tripot Regnier), Caen (convention center), Rennes (Martenot hall), Bordeaux (Faience), Montpellier (French […]

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The Police Nationale will launch a major recruitment in May

Looking for a Job ? The Police Nationale will Recruit 8000 People

The Police Nationale will launch a major recruitment campaign in May. By 2022, it is looking for 8000 people to join its ranks. A first … for 18 years! The Police Nationale will launch a major recruitment campaign and appeal to the public with a television spot that will be broadcast on Tuesday 15th May:  “Become a policeman, guardian of our […]

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