Looking for a Job ? The Police Nationale will Recruit 8000 People

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The Police Nationale will launch a major recruitment in May

The Police Nationale will launch a major recruitment campaign in May. By 2022, it is looking for 8000 people to join its ranks.

A first … for 18 years! The Police Nationale will launch a major recruitment campaign and appeal to the public with a television spot that will be broadcast on Tuesday 15th May:  “Become a policeman, guardian of our peace.”

A total of  8,000 positions are to be filled by 2022. 

Integrate the new security policy of everyday life

“The goal of this campaign is to generate as many applications as possible. The more candidates we have, the better we will be able to select the best, “says Eric Morvan, General Director of the Police at the Journal du Dimanche .

For this, an internal competition for category C public service employees will be created “in 2019”.

These new police officers will include the new Police Security Daily (PSQ).

“Our fear is to exhaust our pool as we face competition from the prison administration or the Gendarmerie who address the same public.”

Positions for all “whatever the level of qualification”

According to the director, positions are available at all levels: commissioners, officers, peacekeepers, but also security assistants, administrative, technical and scientific staff.  They are addressed to all, “whatever the level of qualification”.

These positions will notably be filled in the cities of Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Rouen and Strasbourg.

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