Jain releases new single "heads Up" while work finishes on new album

“Heads Up”: Jain Continues With a New Single

Jain has not finished making us dance! After “Makeba”, the singer set his heart on “Heads Up” to defend the colors of her first album before the Grammys. Jain can savor her success. With its pop world combining many flavors, the young French artist melted the hexagon so much so that her first album, “Zanaka” […]

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Coldplay, Sting, Cali ... concerts not to be missed in 2017 Green Day begins a world tour and will be in Paris February 3, 2017

Coldplay, Sting, Cali, Bob Dylan … The Concerts not to be Missed in 2017

MUSIC: 2016 barely over, eyes are already turning to 2017 and the program of the new year, many unmissable concerts! You can do most of 2016? A little patience, 2017 promises its share of beautiful musical surprises and inratables performance. Many concerts are scheduled and promise a good year marked by the return of many […]

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