“Heads Up”: Jain Continues With a New Single

Jain releases new single "heads Up" while work finishes on new album

Jain has not finished making us dance! After “Makeba”, the singer set his heart on “Heads Up” to defend the colors of her first album before the Grammys.

Jain can savor her success. With its pop world combining many flavors, the young French artist melted the hexagon so much so that her first album, “Zanaka” is approaching 240,000 sales. Although with her little black dress and identifiable heady song “Come”, the singer impressed people. And his fabulous destiny has just begun! After a first appointment last year, Jain is now the favorite of the 32nd Grammy in which she appears at the top of appointments . Will her irresistible rise be set in stone a trophy? Reply on 10 February.

Meanwhile the second album

By then, Jain devoted her time to the development of the second album . A well advanced project because writing songs is completed. As for the first disc is Yodelice , aka Maxim Nucci, who oversees the design. ” He was already director of the first, and now I become co-director with him on that one. I learn a lot. I began to wire the stuff! (Laughs) It really is a mentor, he taught me the studio business. I think it’s great technically interesting how running a studio. It teaches me another facet of the business , “Jain told to Pure Charts last few days, alongside the EBBA Awards where she was honored . It should be released end of 2017 or early 2018.

Meanwhile, Jain continues to carry on “Zanaka”. After the flood “Makeba” and surreal clip shot in South Africa, the singer from Toulouse has opted for a third single to even warm the body: “Heads Up”. On this frenetic piece smelling the sun, we find everything that makes the salt of the universe, namely unifying claps, drums and percussion, vocals, lyrics advocating optimism and diversity, and a chorus it’s hard not to take his head off. ” It’s all Differences That Make the richness of our soul ” chants Jain, with the desire to convey a positive message. Mission accomplished!

Listen to “Heads Up” by Jain:


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