Spanish training session, World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018: Spain and Portugal on the Verge of Qualification, the Program of Monday

This Monday, Russia and Uruguay, already qualified, are in first place. Spain faces Morocco, and Portugal the formidable Iran, which still has hope of passing to the knockouts. The pressure rises Monday in Russia ! Place the last day of the group stage of the World Cup 2018, where the qualifications are snapped and the first places are contested. This will be […]

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Spain striker Diego Costa has just scored the goal of the victory against Iran on June 20, 2018 in Kazan.

World Cup 2018: Spain Beats Iran and Gets Closer to the Knockout Stages

Spain won on Wednesday against Iran in pain. The team, however, is approaching the knockout stages and hopes to join Russia and Uruguay. Spain broke through the Persian wall: Roja suffered but she found the key against Iran (1-0) Wednesday at the World Cup 2018 on a lucky goal from Diego Costa, joining Portugal at the top of Group B […]

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Thierry Bolloré, the number two of the French group Renault, signed on Monday, the agreement with Iran.

Industry: Renault Signed an Agreement of 660 Million Euros with Iran

The French automaker Renault signed on Monday, an important agreement in Iran to eventually produce 300,000 cars a year in the country. The French automaker Renault signed on Monday, an important agreement in Iran to produce 300 000 cars per year term in the country via a joint venture that will be an investment of […]

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Hassan Rohani asks Emmanuel Macron not to follow same path as Trump

Iran: Rohani asks Macron not to Follow the Path of Trump

Emmanuel Macron and Hassan Rohani had a telephone conversation on Monday during which the Iranian president expressed with his French counterpart hope that Europe does not align with the position of Donald Trump on Iran. In Saudi Arabia this weekend and then in Israel Monday, Donald Trump has stepped up verbal attacks against Iran , calling him […]

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Iran to purchase 20 aircraft from ATR with a possibility of 20 more

ATR: Agreement with Iran Air company for Ordering 20 Aircraft

Number of regional turboprop ATR aircraft announced on Monday with the signing with Iran Air of a contract valued at “a billion” on firm order for 20 ATR 72-600 aircraft … The number of turboprop regional aircraft ATR was announced on Monday with the signing with the company Iran Air of a contract valued at […]

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french Companies are eyeing up the Iranien market

Iran, a Promising Market Coveted by French Groups

The agreement on the Iranian nuclear situation suggests a lifting of economic and financial sanctions in early 2016 and the opening of a market where already French Groups are eyeing up the market … Two weeks after the signing of the agreement on the Iran nuclear situation, the prospect of the lifting of the embargo is […]

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