No collective immunity against coronavirus Covid-19 despite vaccine

Coronavirus: No Collective Immunity in 2021 Despite Vaccines, According to WHO

EPIDEMIC: According to WHO, collective immunity against coronavirus will not be achieved in 2021 despite vaccines Collective immunity against coronavirus Covid-19 will not be achieved this year, although vaccines have started to be distributed in many countries, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) warned on Monday. “We are not going to achieve (…) collective immunity in 2021”, launched the scientific officer of the WHO, […]

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In Paris, the figures are now similar to those of this summer.

Coronavirus in Paris: A Sharp Decline in the Epidemic and Many Unresolved Questions

HEALTH: The number of people infected with the coronavirus seems to be falling faster in the capital than in the rest of France The incidence, that is to say the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, has fallen by nearly 90% in Paris since the end of October. The test positivity rate in the capital […]

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Letting the coronavirus circulate is not an option according to the WHO

Coronavirus: Focusing on Collective Immunity by Letting the Covid-19 Circulate “is Not an Option”, According to the WHO

CONTAMINATION: Letting the coronavirus spread throughout the population for collective immunity is not an option If you are strong do not fear the second wave, but as you say, “Well at least after that, we will all infected and immunized collectively,” your Monday night might be more depressing than expected:  WHO ruled Monday unthinkable to let Covid-19 circulate freely in […]

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The issue of immunity and protection against Covid-19 is still poorly understood by researchers.

Immunity, Infection, Contagion: The Answers to your Questions about Covid-19

Are patients cured of Covid-19 vaccinated? Have asymptomatics developed immunity? Are some naturally protected? We take stock. This is one of the points that has mobilized researchers for months. Can we be immune to Covid-19? The question is simple, but science is fumbling. However, leads are starting to emerge. But before discussing them, it should be understood that being immune does not necessarily mean being […]

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The European Parliament should start on Wednesday afternoon the procedure for lifting the parliamentary immunity of Le Pen

Brussels Should Initiate the Procedure for Lifting Immunity of Le Pen

The European Parliament should start on Wednesday afternoon the procedure for lifting the parliamentary immunity of Marine Le Pen for alleged misappropriation of EU funds, said officials of the Parliament. French judges have requested the waiver of the immunity of Marine Le Pen, as well as another representative of the FN in the European Parliament, […]

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Will Parliamentary immunity of Marine Le Pen be lifted?

FN assistants: The judges Called for the Lifting of Immunity for Le Pen

French court asked on the 29th and 30th March that the European Parliament lift the immunity of the presidential candidate of the National Front Marine Le Pen. The latter is suspected of having used sham parliamentary assistants. A French court has asked the European Parliament to lift the immunity of Marine Le Pen under investigation […]

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