Card'Box will produce litter for horses using cardboard

Card’Box: Alternative Bedding of Cardboard Chips for Horses

Jessica Bucquet, who lives near Vimoutiers, launches Card’Box, a litter of cardboard shavings for horses. Card’Box is the name of the company created by Jessica Bucquet . It is also the name of the equine animal litter made of cardboard chips that his company will produce. “It will be a first in France,” she says. The activity is located in the industrial area of ​​Vimoutiers […]

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There are still about sixty horses in the operation of Jublains. The prefecture of Mayenne seeks, with the help of associations, to place them.

Mayenne: The Water was Frozen, Thirteen Horses died of Thirst

Animals: In the Mayenne at Jublains, animals were left to rot in a field. A thirteenth had to be euthanized. An investigation was opened. Twelve dead horses and a thirteenth had to be put down by veterinary services. This tragedy was discovered on Wednesday in Jublains (North Mayenne). According to the prefecture, these animals died […]

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