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October Walk around Pouance

Had a lovely day today having a walk around the lake at Pouance (49) with my family and Grand child as the temperatures today were a very nice 25 degrees today.  It is a lovely walk, not too long but long enough to relax and enjoy it.  The horses were out in the fields and i even managed to stroke a donkey that we walked past.

There were no boats or pedalos on the lake this time like earlier in the year, as it is now out of season, but there were plenty of fishermen trying their luck, and it was whilst I was watching the fishermen that a swan came right up to me, really friendly.  It is the first time that I have managed to get so close to a swan before.

I thought that the good run of good weather had come to an end, but it seems to have returned again, which will hopefully continue a bit longer as it will make the Winter seem a bit shorter.

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