Mayenne: The Water was Frozen, Thirteen Horses died of Thirst

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There are still about sixty horses in the operation of Jublains. The prefecture of Mayenne seeks, with the help of associations, to place them.

Animals: In the Mayenne at Jublains, animals were left to rot in a field. A thirteenth had to be euthanized. An investigation was opened.

Twelve dead horses and a thirteenth had to be put down by veterinary services. This tragedy was discovered on Wednesday in Jublains (North Mayenne). According to the prefecture, these animals died of thirst because their troughs were frozen. Commissioned by the state, veterinary services on Wednesday removed the animals lying on the ground in a macabre alignment.

A lack of money to feed

The man who manages the livestock from the Paris region, where he resides, puts forward a financial problem: “I would have to find money to feed them. What I can not do it for three months. I asked that the sub-prefecture book me some hay but nothing to do! “ A source close to the indignant: ” Bringing water to horses while freezing for days would have cost him nothing. “

Recurring conflicts

Conflicts with neighbors, local officials and administration accumulate for at least ten years.  Sheep that were in the field in Jublains were seized in 2014 and then last spring. His activity did not meet the standards, he admits: “I had too many problems to be in order. “ He referred in particular to the expulsion of a farm building and adjoining meadows. “Without this, he said, I have balanced my budget at year end and I could feed my animals. “

” For years “

Yesterday, the prosecutor said an investigation had been opened on the absence of vaccination and identification of horses and maltreatment and neglect. Man sentenced for illegal occupation of farmland twenty years ago in the Nièvre, has been in the sights of the prefecture “for years”.  The full extent of the situation should be understood by the gendarmes in the coming days.  In the meadows, there is 60 horses grazing on short grass, hence the concern of the prefecture, with the help of associations such as 30 millions d’amis, they are trying to place these animals without market value in places of safety.  But the costs of feeding these horses is very high: between 10,000 and 20,000 Euros per month.

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