Three out of Four support a Referendum in France

Almost Three Out of Four French People Support a Referendum

73% of respondents favour a referendum in France in the coming months. Nearly three quarters of French people are in favour of holding a referendum in the coming months, but are divided on the idea that it will be held on May 26th, day of the European elections, according to an Ifop poll for the […]

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The association France Assos Health challenges the public authorities and implicates manufacturers on drug shortages. (© AdobeStock / Illustration)

Drugs: One in Four French People has Already Faced a Shortage

According to a study unveiled by France Assos Santé, 25% of French people have already been refused the delivery of drugs or a vaccine, with sometimes serious consequences. It is a ”  potential threat to public health, ” denounces France Assos Santé . The body representing users of the health system reveals Thursday, January 17 that one in four French […]

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For Four out of Five French, they prefer the life of the countryside

For Four in Five French, the Ideal Way of Life is in the Countryside

The rural world first refers to the socio-economic difficulties of all French people, whereas the rural people themselves associate it as a priority with the quality of life. If, for 46% of the French respondents, rurality is primarily synonymous with “socio-economic difficulties and nuisances”, it evokes on the contrary well-being and “quality of life” for 62% of rural , […]

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Chocolatine is now defended until the National Assembly

At the National Assembly, Deputies Table Amendment to Defend the Chocolatine

Under the Agriculture and Food Bill, ten Republican MPs tabled an amendment to defend chocolatine and other popular expressions. The chocolatine perhaps just won a major battle against the “Pain au Chocolat”. In the National Assembly , ten deputies of the party The Republicans have tabled an amendment in the draft law Agriculture and Food. Objective: promote the word chocolate,  says Le Parisien . MEPs make a wish; namely that […]

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40 pêrcent of the French admit to having sex in the kitchen

40% of French People Admit to Having Sex in their Kitchen

Quitoque conducted a survey of 7,564 people aged 18 and over to analyze the sexual behavior of French people in their kitchen. 40% of French people sometimes make love in their kitchen . This is the result of an investigation unveiled by Quitoque , the French leader in the home recipe basket market. This poll, conducted among 7564 people, aged […]

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9 out of 10 French plan to drink on New Years Eve

Road safety: Nine in Ten French are Planning to Drink Alcohol on New Years Eve

ALCOHOL: Among the French half of which will come by car, only 41% have made special arrangements … Festive and watered with plenty of alcohol, the evening of New Year is one of the most dangerous on the roads. Approaching New years eve, associations and public authorities urge caution not to end 2017 in a dangerous and deadly situation. […]

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A couple arrested in London for the murder of a French Au-pair

London: A Couple Accused of Murdering a French Au-Pair

A couple was indicted on Friday for the murder of a young French au pair whose charred body was discovered Wednesday in the garden of a house in Wimbledon, in south London. Ouissem Medouni, 40, and Sabrina Kouider, 34, were arrested and charged for murder, said the British police in a statement. They are suspected of killing […]

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Warren Barguil has transferred to the French team of Fortuneo-Oscaro for 2018

Transfer: Warren Barguil Moves to Fortuneo-Oscaro in 2018

CYCLING: The best climber of the Tour de France will ride for a French team next season … It is not only in football that the transfer window is in full swing! An unexpected transfer, that of Warren Barguil towards the French cycling team of Fortuneo-Oscaro for 2018. Degemer mat Warren Barguil ! Bienvenue Warren Barguil ! […]

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The oldest French Breton is 114 years old today

The oldest French Breton is … She Celebrates 114 Years Today

BIRTHDAY: She lives in the Var in recent years, but remains Breton at heart … She was born July 28, 1903 … Honorine Rondello, the oldest French celebrates on Friday, her 114th birthday, notes Ouest-France . This Breton (she was born in Paimpol) now lives in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte- Baume in the Var . She made her life in the South, but her heart […]

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Sébastien Bourdais is in preparation mode for Indianapolis 500

Indianapolis 500: Sébastien Bourdais in Preparation Mode

With less than 15 days of the 101th edition of the Indianapolis 500, the Le Mans driver begins a busy fortnight. The Grand Prix of Indianapolis barely over and already the competitors in the IndyCar championship is preparing for the Indianapolis 500 that will run itself as the capital of Indiana but on the oval, […]

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